Tips / 5 Tips For Romantic Wedding Photos Without Expensive Photographers

5 Tips For Romantic Wedding Photos Without Expensive Photographers

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The Ultimate Guide For Romantic Wedding Photos

One photographer can’t capture it all. With PartyMeister everyone of your guest can take romantic wedding photos.

A wedding is a special day for everyone involved. The bride and groom want to look their absolute best. And, they also want to enjoy every moment of the event. They don’t want to miss out on anything, especially the ceremony. After all, this is the time when they become husband and wife.

It’s important to remember that weddings are usually very expensive affairs. Therefore, it’s crucial to plan ahead and save money wherever possible. This means that you should try to take advantage of free services whenever you can. For example, ask your friends or family members to take the romantic wedding photos. Make them the photographers. They can provide the best, casual photos from all angles.

Weddings are about romance, love and fun! Everyone wants to enjoy a wedding. This is a must for the bridal couple to experience it as a successful, unforgettable day.

How do you avoid taking boring photos? Discover the secret to the best romantic wedding photos.

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Romantic Wedding Photos Tips

1 | Ask your guests to take pictures

Why only take one (expensive) photographer when you can have dozens of (FREE) photographers?

Often the best photos are taken when you don’t realize it. A professional photographer stands out with a large camera and huge telephoto lens. The guests don’t stand out. They can take the perfect romantic wedding photos without you even noticing it.

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2 | Be Yourself

Taking beautiful pictures is one thing. Posing naturally in front of a camera is something else. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Throw your timidity overboard and dare to be yourself in front of the person who’s taking the photo. This way you get very spontaneous photos that show who you really are. Be yourself and enjoy YOUR moment.

3 | Arrange A Good Photo Spot

romantic wedding photos night

You can of course opt for portrait photos, but you can also go to your favorite spot to take pictures of each other. A special place in the woods, the place where you first met, the beach that can be beautiful even in winter weather, or just your favorite corner at home…

Alternate posed photos with very spontaneous and playful images. Pass the camera on and shoot away. Make sure that the environment does not distract too much attention.

4 | Use Sunset

golden hour

The so-called “golden hour” is the best time to take romantic wedding photos. The light is beautiful at this time!

The light is beautiful at this time! Use this moment to enjoy each other and take some beautiful photos at sunset. These are often the most beautiful photos of the day. The correct time of this moment depends on the position of the sun on your wedding date.

5 | Get Romantic Wedding Photos Accessoires

This is also known as photo booth props. Photos become even more fun when people can express their emotions well. Think of funny accessories on a stick, with which you can take great photos. With fun party props you can take the best photos for unforgettable moments. During the wedding and the party, but also afterwards. The guests can take selfies with funny disguises or a special speech bubble next to their face.

wedding couple sharing a kiss while confettii falls down

Photo Booth Props Examples

  • Speaking balloons
  • Hearts on a stick
  • Classy confetti
  • Romantic photo frames

Requirements For Romantic Wedding Photos

What is needed to have this at a wedding? Just a few simple things.

1 | Download Photo Slideshow App

PartyMeister banner with a group of wedding guests posing for a photo

PartyMeister is a revolutionary photo slideshow app. It shows all the photos of the guests directly on the big screen of a TV. This makes the wedding interactive and even more fun. All invitees can easily scan the QR code. This is automatically created by PartyMeister.

After scanning, anyone can share his or her captured photo on TV. Expensive photographers are no longer necessary. PartyMeister ensures that everyone can share unforgettable moments. The built-in moderation function ensures that no unwanted photos are shared. After all, no one wants unclear or meaningless memories.

2 | Arrange A Smart TV

PartyMeister’s slideshow app is fun on a big screen. It allows everyone to quickly and easily see all the photos from the wedding. That is why it is necessary to have a Smart TV on this special occasion.

wedding couple sitting together among trees

How do you get a smart TV at a wedding?

  • Ask the location manager to arrange this.
  • Rent one.
  • Bring your own TV from home.

Make sure the TV is positioned on a good spot. Somewhere on the wedding-location where everyone can easily see it.

3 | Get It Ready

bridesmaids posing for a photo at a wedding

Okay, now you’ve got everything you need to use PartyMeister. You have the app. You have the TV. Follow the simple instructions on the app so the guests can post the photos on TV.

Choose a moderator who can approve or reject the photos before they appear on TV. This way you avoid unwanted photos. Like blurry photos. Or photos taken by accident, in someone’s pocket.

It is not necessary to make someone a moderator. Trust that the wedding guests will not share bad photos on the screen. This way everyone can enjoy the big day. After all, it can be time consuming to check all the photos.

4 | Inform Guests

wedding couple kissing at night among fireworks

Let the guests know that they can share their romantic wedding photos with everyone. How? Simple.

  • Put it on the wedding invitation.
  • Let it know by email.
  • Have someone announce it at the entrance.
  • Put it on a welcome card.

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