How Does PartyMeister Work?

Check out the video tutorial below and enjoy all party photos on TV in less than 4 minutes:

Connecting Your TV

connect to tv

Connect your TV

What Is PartyMeister?

PartyMeister is a slideshow app that displays your guests' photos live on TV. Easily enjoy all photos in real-time on TV. Nowadays everyone takes pictures at parties. Especially when it's fun. Unfortunately, you never get to see these photos, or only a few of them. This app prevents that. Take selfies, show your awesome outfit & express yourself. PartyMeister shows all party pics on the big TV screen for everyone to see. Make your event really special. Capture precious moments, make your party more fun & keep everyone's photos. Try it now!

Where can I use this app for?

Use PartyMeister for weddings, birthdays, festivals, office parties, house-warming or any other party. Imagine. You are getting married. At your wedding you want all the photos of the guests to appear on a large screen. A TV for example. And after your wedding you want to have all these photos. This is possible thanks to the revolutionary PartyMeister photo app.

How can I download the app?

Get PartyMeister in the Apple App Store. * App Store: Search for PartyMeister Another way to find the application is through our website

What are the requirements?

PartyMeister doesn’t need much to work. Just these 3 things: - iPhone (or iPad) - TV or Projector - WiFi

Does PartyMeister work on every tv?

Yes, this photo-sharing app is suitable for every tv. PartyMeister works on the most famous TV brands in the world. Think for example of Samsung, LG, Sony, Panasonic, Hisense, Philips, etc. Our application also supports so-called media streamers such as Roku, Fire TV & Chromecast. Don't have a smart TV? No problem! Get Chromecast, Roku, or Fire TV. Plug it into the TV. Now you have a smart TV too! This ensures that PartyMeister can be used on your party or event.

Does the app support projectors and beamers too?

Yes, of course! You need a media streamer though. Get a Roku, Fire TV, or Chromecast. Connect it to the projector and WiFi. PartyMeister then automatically recognizes the media streamer in the network. Keep in mind that the photos on a projector or beamer may be less sharp. This is not caused by PartyMeister, but by the lower image resolution of the projector. Projectors & beamers often offer a bigger screen size than TVs. And, they are portable too. Making it easy to move around. However, the setup can be a pain. And, projectors are noisy too. In general, smart TVs have the very best picture quality. Definitely brand-new televisions.

How do I connect PartyMeister to a projector/ beamer?

Just follow these 5 easy steps: 1) Plug your Roku Stick’s HDMI plug to the projector input jack. 2) Turn on your projector & follow instructions. 3) Pick the WiFi network. 4) Make sure your iPhone is on the same network (not necessary for guests). 5) Search for TVs & connect PartyMeister with Roku device. That’s it! The same can be done with Amazon Fire TV and Google Chromecast. With this hardware, you can turn projectors into smart devices.

I have a TV, but no smart TV. How can I use PartyMeister?

No worries! It’s a piece of cake. Just follow these 6 simple steps. 1) Download PartyMeister in the App Store. 2) Get a media streamer like Chromecast, Roku or Fire TV stick. 3) Connect the media-device to the TV. 4) Connect TV to WiFi. 5) Connect PartyMeister to the media streamer. 6) Personalize the party settings & invite guests. That’s it!

How do I find out if the party location (wedding venue) has a smart TV?

Contact the location manager and ask if a smart TV is available. Perhaps he or she knows. If the TV is less than five years old, then it's almost certainly a smart TV. Otherwise, there are several ways to recognize a smart tv: The remote control of a smart TV has a button with a house on it. Also called "home". Old-fashioned (not smart) TVs don't have this. Press home. You will then see logos of apps appear, such as YouTube & Netflix. This means that it is a smart TV. Another method is to find out the year of manufacture of the TV. Most TVs made after 2011 are smart TVs.

Does the TV need to be connected to the internet?

Yes, the TV needs to be connected to WiFi. This is a stable network that can show your party photos in real-time on TV without any problems.

Do I need an Apple TV, HDMI or external hardware?

No, you don't need expensive, clunky or unsafe things to share photos on TV in real time. PartyMeister only requires a TV connected to WiFi. And, party-goers of course! We make it easy so you can enjoy your party with friends and family. Easily capture precious moments.

Does PartyMeister also work with Roku, Fire TV or Chromecast?

Yes! This revolutionary slideshow app also works on Fire TV, Chromecast & Roku. Our developers are experts in this field. They know better than anyone how the technology works for this. This means you don't have to worry about anything. With PartyMeister, your party will be phenomenal. Everyone shares their moment with the rest. So you can enjoy the best moments of your life forever.

How do I make sure that unwanted pictures are not shown on the screen?

Oh that's very easy! PartyMeister has a built-in moderation feature. It is automatically enabled unless you disable it. This means that photos must first be approved before they appear on television. Make someone at your party the moderator, do it yourself or turn off this functionality in the settings.

Is moderation required?

No, photo moderation is not required. It's your party, you're the boss. Easily turn off the photo moderation and trust the photo skills of your guests. Be aware that it is then possible to have blurry photos or other unwanted images appear on TV.

Does the moderator get a message with every new photo?

Yes, the moderator will receive push notifications when new photos are added by guests. This simplifies the approval or rejection process. Obviously, the moderator will not receive 10 push notifications when 10 photos are uploaded at once. In that case, the moderator will receive 1 notification for multiple photos.

Is it possible to ban specific guests from photo uploads?

No, this is currently not possible. Perhaps our app developers will implement this as a feature in the future. For the time being, we assume that everyone behaves decently at parties ;-)

How much does PartyMeister cost? Is PartyMeister’s photo sharing app free?

PartyMeister costs nothing! It is the best free slideshow app for iPhone & iPad. Share photos in real-time for free, without paying anything. It is possible to enjoy more functionalities in the app. For example, choose a photo frame that fits perfectly with your party. PartyMeister offers a total of 20 photo backgrounds. For example, there is a theme for: weddings, birthdays, festivals, college, Friday evening drinks, and so on. These and more great extras are available with a pro subscription. Choose between a subscription per week, per month or per year. Take advantage of all the features that make your party even more special.

What are the benefits of a PartyMeister subscription?

Get access to: 20 amazing photo frames. Unlimited photo access. No ads.

Will I lose my photos if I cancel my PartyMeister subscription?

No of course not! It's your party and the photos are all yours.

What is the difference between a weekly, monthly or yearly subscription?

Take a subscription to unlock all party features. With a weekly subscription you pay the costs per week. With a monthly subscription you pay once per month. And with a year subscription you pay once a year. That's pretty clear, right? But what are the other differences between these app-subscriptions? Weekly plan: All benefits. Flexible subscription. Great for a one-time event. Price: 3,99 Monthly plan: All benefits. Best choice for few parties in a month. Price: 7,99 Yearly plan: All benefits. Best buy. Most discount. Recommended for real party-lovers. Price: 14,49

Is it possible to share my paid app subscription with my partner or family for free?

Yes! Use "Family-Sharing" for free. With this you can enjoy 1 PartyMeister subscription with your whole family. Share your subscription free of charge with your partner, children or other family members. A total of 5 family members can use 1 subscription.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes! The subscription can be canceled at any time. Don't worry, you won't be charged without a reason. Do you no longer need the app because you are no longer going to throw parties? No problem! Cancel any time, anywhere Cancelling is simple as ABC. All your subscriptions can be found in the settings of your iPhone and iPad. Google: "Cancel subscription Apple app" and find out how to do this easily.

Does the app also require a login?

It is not mandatory. It is recommended to use a login though. Use an Apple, Facebook & Google account. We recommend that you use your Apple ID. That works best.

How do I host a party?

Hosting a party with PartyMeister is super easy. 1) Download the app 2) Follow the instructions 3) Tap: "Host Party". Then you need do this: * Give your party a name. For example: Born to be wild. * Select the number of guests you’re expecting. * Choose between free-use or a limitless subscription. * Add a welcome message for your guests. * Pick a photo-frame for the background on the tv. * Add 3 party preparation pictures to start.

How do I join a party?

Joining a party is super easy! There are two ways to do so: With PartyMeister App * Visit the App Store and search for PartyMeister * Download the app * Click join a party * Scan the QR code on the TV-screen With Invite Link * Click on the invitation link from your host * Read the welcome message * Upload photos

Is it necessary for guests to download the app? Or, can they also share photos in other ways?

No, it is not necessary for guests to use the PartyMeister app. They can participate via a link. The host must send these to the guests. Do you want to invite people as a host via a link? Then use the "Invite Friends" button. This button is visible as soon as your party has been successfully created. Press this button and send your invitation via WhatsApp, Telegram, mail or another service. To summarize: Guests can participate via a link and via a QR code. To scan the QR code, you must download PartyMeister.

Where can guests see the QR code?

Your QR code is visible at the bottom right of the TV. It can be seen here permanently when the photo slideshow is playing. This makes it easy for everyone to participate. Also those who join your party at a later moment. All you have to do is scan the QR code via the PartyMeister app. That's it. This way they easily add to your party.

How can guests share photos?

Guests can easily share their photos from your party. There are simply two options: They download the free PartyMeister app and use the QR code to participate. Or, they are invited by the host through a link. After that they will also be able to upload photos. Then their photos will appear in the slideshow on TV. Note that moderation is on by default. So their photos may need to be approved before being visible on the screen.

How can I (as a host) share all photos with my guests after the party?

When you - as host - end the party, the option to share the photos will appear. This way you can share all photos with your guests. Easy, right?

Does PartyMeister also work for Android phones?

Yes, our slideshow app can also be used by Samsung devices or other Android phones. The guests must then use the invitation link. The host can send this. Android users cannot scan the QR code (on the TV) because it is then necessary to download the app - which is currently exclusively available for Apple users.

Do guests need to be connected to WiFi?

No. The phones of your guests do not have to be connected to WiFi. Neither does your phone. It’s just the TV that requires a WiFi-connection.

Can I change the photo frame or background?

Yes, you can! This can be done in the last step of the party-setup. You can also do this in PartyMeister’s settings. Get a subscription and choose between the many beautiful backgrounds.

Can I adjust the slideshow duration settings?

No, it is currently not possible to change the duration of the photos in the slideshow. It is fixed at 10 seconds. This means that each photo is on screen for 10 seconds. This way everyone can properly see every photo. Once all uploaded photos have been shown, the slideshow will start again. This way, guests who arrived later at your party can also see the photos.

Is the photo slideshow with music?

No, the photo slideshow does not contain music. Most likely there’s music on your party anyway. PartyMeister does not want to interfere with that. You own all the photos at the end of your party. Then it is very easy to add music to this. Currently PartyMeister does not support this yet.

Does PartyMeister allow photo editing?

No. PartyMeister does not provide any photo editing feature at the moment.

How do I adjust the welcome message of my party?

Your guests will see your message when they participate. You can choose from one of the pre-selected messages. Or, make it more personal and create your own text. This is how you do this: Open PartyMeister Tap Host Party Go through the party setup Personalize message at party setup 4/6 Changing welcome message when party has already started: Open PartyMeister Click Party Settings Click Party Info Change your welcome message

Where are all the photos kept?

It is necessary to save all the photos. These are stored safely on the server that PartyMeister uses. This is the only way PartyMeister can collect the photos of your guests, so that they can be made available to you. Your data is stored until it's unnecessary to offer PartyMeister's services. Or, until your account is removed. When you delete your PartyMeister-account, we delete your data, such as your photos. You won't be able to recover that information later. Want to know more about this? Please contact us.

How long can I access all the photos from my party?

In the app you can access the photos as long as your account exists. When you delete the data, you will no longer have access to the photos. In the app you can access the photos as long as your account exists. When you delete the data, you will no longer have access to the photos. Of course it is possible to save all photos on your own phone or in the cloud.

What is the maximum number of photos that can be stored? Is there a limit?

Yes, there is a limit for free users of the app. With the free version, you - as a host - have access to 10 guests and a maximum of 150 photos per party. Don't want any restrictions on the number of photos or guests? Take a subscription and enjoy all the advantages of PartyMeister. It’s available from a few dollars. Create amazing photo slideshows, save money on expensive photographers and impress your loved ones.

How is the photo slideshow saved? As a video-file?

The photos are not saved as a slideshow file, but as individual photos. During the party, the photos are visible as a slideshow on the smart TV. When the party's over, these photos are saved separately as photo files.

I can't find my TV. What should I do?

There can be several reasons that your mobile cannot find your TV. Network: Your mobile phone is not connected to the same network as the smart tv. This is required for hosts, not guests. Check the WiFi-settings of your TV. Check the WiFi-settings on your iOS-device. Make sure they’re connected to the same network. TV: Make sure that your smart TV meets the requirements. Check the following: Is it switched on? Is it updated to the latest version? Does your TV meet all the above points? Are your phone and TV connected to the same network, but PartyMeister can't find your TV? Please contact our customer service free of charge. Our employees are happy to help you.

How do I stream photos on Roku?

Turn any projector or beamer into a slideshow display with Roku. Just follow the easy instruction below and enjoy all pictures on the big screen: